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What is Winfluence

We are a tech company that help Brands do Influencer Marketing with one, two or hundreds of Influencers on Social Media.

The power of marketing products and services on tv, radio and in newspapers is weakening every year and nowadays even Internet Ads are struggling to be seen as almost 40% of people are using Adblockers.

So why is this happening?

People see those ways of marketing as too impersonal and obvious, so they stop relating and soon their trust fades away.

So how do you get back into the game?

Simply. You need a new way of earning peoples trust. Enter Influencer Marketing on Social Media and Enter Winfluence. Influencer Marketing on Social Media is without a doubt the fastest growing Marketing channel and it has been for years. The reason why, It’s working.

Influencer Marketing is tricky. It is complex and really time consuming to create, organize and execute strategic and measurable collaborations with Major and Micro Influencers. Especially if you want to do it at scale and with good outcomes.

Winfluence helps you manage all this like pros. We have the hard earned experience that is needed to be the best and a cutting-edge digital platform that makes the whole world our playground.

Brand relations

Social contribution

Outside Influencer Marketing we want to make the world a better place. That is why Winfluence engage time and money in projects promoting equality and diversity.

We are also so proud of our program Become where we help immigrant kids to adapt and to be successful in their new lives.

Want to know more about us? Read the book of Winfluence.

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Career at Winfluence

Are you passionate about Social Media? We’re always looking for talented people who are excited about the future of Influencer Marketing. Send us a brief description of yourself and attach your resume or a link to your Linkedin profile.

Send it to career@winfluence.se

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